When you have issues with the clutch in your car or vehicle then you can trust Cargo 4 Service to carry out maintenance and repairs to prevent any unnecessary accidents while out on the road. We stock a wide variety of clutches and gearbox parts to minimise any inconvenience that you may suffer when a key component of your vehicle fails.

Clutch maintenance

Alongside brakes, clutches are among two of the most crucial components that most vehicle owners can take for granted, with the changes of suffering from brake or clutch failure, often the last thing on our mind.

Each time you use your car, it will undergo a certain amount of wear and tear, your clutch more so in highly congested areas where frequent stopping is usual, this can often lead to awkward shifting, slipping clutches and problems with gears which is why periodic servicing of your clutch is recommended so that the tell-tale symptoms of clutch failure are spotted before it happens.

What are the signs of clutch wear?

  • Difficulty changing gears
  • Juddering when pulling away
  • RPM increase when throttle is depressed without a rise in vehicle speed
  • A pronounced burning scent
  • Noises (rattling, grinding)
  • Slipping in and out of gear

Clutch checks

Are you worried that there may be something wrong with your clutch but are unsure what? Most clutch problems are often associated with clutch disks which can wear over time. If you want to book your car in for clutch servicing or repair, contact one of our clutch specialists at Cargo 4 Service today.

We offer servicing options for all makes and models of clutches in Staffordshire, Nantwich, Newcastle Under Lyme and Stoke-On-Trent.